Optimum Video Poker is the only true trainer program

    * Teaches correct play according to your preferred strategy chart

    * When you make an error it highlights your play in red and the best play in green
    * Shows both immediate and projected long term cost of a playing error (see image above)
    * Presents strategy charts in your favorite format
    * Charts are provided for most popular games
    * Generate a new, highly accurate strategy chart
    * Edit a strategy chart, or enter your own
    * Calculate the precise payback with your strategy chart
    * Include penalty considerations as desired
    * A strategy chart can be printed page size or pocket card size
    * Strategy data can be exported for import into a spreadsheet
    * Calculate break-even meter for a progressive royal
    * Generate a strategy for minimum cost of a royal

Also, Optimum Video Poker™ (OpVP™) is the only video poker analysis and trainer program being marketed directly by its principal developer, who is also a regular player, so you know that it's designed to be easy to use and to provide the features needed by all players -- beginners, recreational players, skilled advantage players, and professionals.

Although the game can be played just for fun, OpVP is designed to be highly functional, providing the tools you need to improve your skills and protect your bankroll. Many of these tools are not currently available on any other such program.

What makes Optimum Video Poker special?
    * Fastest game analysis available
    * Professional strategy training features
    * Generates strategies with penalty considerations
    * Evaluate a strategy chart for actual expected return
    * Calculate break-even progressive meter
    * Large, clean card images for easy play
    * Widest variety of bankroll calculations
    * Easy hand analysis and penalty card examination
    * Easy to enter a hand or to change just one card
    * Play from keyboard, mouse, or combination of both
    * Keyboard shortcuts for almost all functions
    * Runs native on Macintosh and Windows

System requirements:
On any platform:

  • Minimum 1024x768 color display (800 or more vertical is preferable)
  • CD ROM drive or some way to copy from the CD to a flash drive
  • Times New Roman, Courier New and Arial fonts installed
  • (It will run if any of these fonts is missing, but some things may look strange.)
  • Adobe Reader or some other way to read pdf files


  • Any Mac running OS X 10.9.5, 10.10.5, 10.11.x, macOS Sierra 10.12.x


  • Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) installed, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

There are no refunds on software. Please be sure your computer meets the above requirements.

General features:
    * Large, clean card images for easy play
    * Play much as on a casino machine
    * Play with only the mouse, only the keyboard, or both
    * Help information in many of the windows
    * Easy installation (copy just one folder to your hard drive)
    * Update notices are sent by e-mail to registered users
    * Upgrades are available on CD, priced according to features added

    * Handles most popular 5-card draw game structures:
          o Jacks or Better, including various bonus games
          o Bonus hands with A, 2, 3 or 4 kicker
          o Bonus hands with A, K, Q or J kicker
          o Deuces Wild
          o Joker Wild with one or two jokers
    * More than 40 pre-analyzed games are supplied with program
    * Create a "new" game easily by editing any existing game's

       name and payoff table
    * Share your new games with other users by e-mail, even

       between platforms
    * Deuces/Joker Wild and One-Eyed Jacks Wild can be played,

       but there are no analysis and strategy features

Playing features:
    * The strategy chart is displayed next to the game window
    * The chart is displayed in your preferred format
    * An error is indicated by highlighting the best play

       and your play in the chart
    * Shows immediate and long-term cost of an error
    * Hand analysis (see below) shows all the possible holds
    * Hint button shows best way to play a hand
    * Auto Hint shows best play for every hand dealt
    * Auto Hold automatically holds best cards for you

Game analysis:
    * A complete game analysis takes just a few seconds
    * Results are saved with each game variation for instant recall
    * High precision results are used directly for all other calculations
    * Analyze for short-coin play without modifying the payoff table
    * Analyze for break-even meter on a progressive royal

Hand analysis:
    * Analyze any hand at any time, even a final hand
    * Shows all 32 ways of playing the hand, sorted by EV
    * Gives true Expected Values (not the misleading payoff for 5-coin bet)
    * Investigate penalty card situations easily
    * Enter a hand to be analyzed without leaving the game window
    * Change just one or more cards without re-entering entire hand
    * Just type cards desired (faster and easier than a

       cumbersome drag-and-drop)

Strategy Training features:
    * Your play can be checked against your preferred strategy chart:
          o The strategy chart is displayed next to the game window in your choice of format
          o In case of an error, the best play and your hold are highlighted
          o Shows immediate cost of a playing error and long term average cost of repeating the error
          o User-specified error threshold if checking strategy by EV
    * The Strategy Editor has many features:
          o Generate a new, highly detailed strategy
          o Revert to strategy last saved for the current game
          o Create a new entry in a strategy chart
          o Move an entry up or down in the chart or delete it
          o Save your preferred strategy with each game
          o Print a strategy chart page size or pocket size
          o Export a strategy for use in a spreadsheet
    * The Strategy Evaluator is unique to this program:
          o Edit and evaluate a chart to optimize it for your own goals
          o Determine the actual return of a strategy you've been using
          o Gives the precise Expected Return with your strategy chart
          o Determine the long-term cost of a strategy simplification

Bankroll considerations:
    * Variance and Standard Deviation
    * Standard Deviation curves (plus and minus 1, 2 and 3 sd)
    * Attractiveness Index for quick game and casino comparison
    * Risk of Ruin using the famous Jazbo/Sorokin formula
    * Risk of Ruin before a royal flush
    * Cost of a Royal (for progressive jackpot evaluation)
    * Break-even royal analysis (for minimum cost of a royal)
    * Bankroll required to go after a progressive
    * Poisson Distribution calculates royal flush probabilities
    * Probability of achieving a game's Expected Return
    * All calculated directly from precision game analysis data
    * Do calculations in betting units or in dollars and cents
    * Number of hands required to achieve expected return
    * Evaluate slot club and promotion values
    * Include slot club value in many calculations

    * Create any number of player identities
    * Set preferences individually for each identity
    * History is saved separately for each player identity
    * Use multiple identities to keep a separate history

       for each game played

Player preferences:
    * Dealing speed (from very slow to very fast)
    * Win counting speed (or instant credits)
    * Your playing speed on a casino machine

        * Used to project long term cost of an error
    * Your bet size on a casino machine

        * Used to calculate immediate cost of an error
    * Volume of win count sound
    * Game window background color
    * Enable/disable Auto Hint, Auto Hold, Check Strategy
    * Error checking mode
    * Strategy check error threshold
    * Change preferences at any time between hands

Player history:
    * Number of hands played
    * Percentage of hands played perfectly
    * Percentage of potential EV achieved
    * Effective win/loss rate
    * Much more
    * History can be cleared without changing preferences

Keno game analyzer:
    * Included as a bonus feature
    * Show your friends just how bad keno games are
    * Determine whether a progressive makes a game attractive

    * The suggested retail price of Optimum Video Poker is $59.95 (see ordering page for discounts)
    * Registered users may upgrade at a discount
    * Order directly from this site and get free shipping by U.S. first class mail
    * Sorry, but we ship only to U.S. addresses
    * Click on the Prices and Ordering button for special direct pricing

Announcements of updates are sent by email to all registered users. If you do not receive an update announcement, it is due to one or more of the following problems:

  • 1. You purchased the program from a retail dealer and did not register it. If you ordered it directly from Dan Paymar then it is automatically registered. Otherwise, send an e-mail with your name, mailing address, computer platform (Mac or Windows), OS version, version of OpVP (it's in the main window title bar), date of purchase (approximate is OK) and who you purchased it from.
  • 2. We do not have your current e-mail address. If your e-mail address changes, send your new address to Dan@OptimumPlay.com with "OpVP Registration" in the subject line.

Optimum Video Poker is warranted to operate as advertised on any computer that meets the minimum system requirements specified above. There is no warranty, express or implied, beyond that. Neither the programmers nor the supplier shall be liable for any loss resulting from the use of this software. Any liability shall be limited to the purchase price or the suggested retail price, whichever is less. The warranty is limited to repair of any bugs documented by the user. There is no warranty on the screen refresh problems on Windows systems. Sorry, but there can be no refunds on software.

"Optimum Video Poker" and "OpVP" are trademarks of Dan Paymar. The software, all documentation, and this web site are Copyright 2004, 2015 by Dan Paymar. All rights reserved. No copies may be made without prior written permission of Dan Paymar.

Imagine a trainer that actually teaches correct play
according to the strategy chart of your choice.
Well, you no longer have to imagine it!

Optimum Video Poker
Professional Analysis and Trainer Software

for Macintosh and Windows
Developed, Published and Supported by Dan Paymar