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Dan Paymar has been a computer programmer since 1957 and has been writing technical manuals since 1965. He has been playing video poker since 1989, writing about it since 1991, and developing software to analyze the games and train players since 1992. Now a snowbird, he usually winters in Las Vegas and plays a lot of video poker. Dan is well known for educating players about casino games and promoting optimized play. That is, each player should know how to select the combination of tactics and strategy that will yield the best expected return commensurate with a Risk of Ruin that can be emotionally tolerated.

To be a successful advantage player, one must consider what, where, when and how to play. Let's look at those criteria:

  • What to play may be your biggest decision. There is a wide choice of games in most areas. You must study the payoff tables and choose a game that offers the potential payback that you want.
  • Where to play can be just as important. Some casinos offer better playing conditions and/or promotions than others. Here is a top 20 UK online casinos list to get you started.
  • When can also be important. In many casinos the attractive games may be unavailable during busy hours.
  • How is using a strategy to select which cads to hold. Do you like the Precision Play rules or prefer a strategy chart? How many details do you want?

Only the "How" is strategy. Those three "W" criteria are tactics, a subject overlooked by many writers. Do your homework, and you can find the situation that is best for your bankroll, abilities and goals. My book, Video Poker - Optimum Play covers all of these subjects, and Optimum Video Poker software will prepare you to play your choice of strategy. Actually, the choice of a strategy is also a tactic.

Most importantly, all players should learn to compare payoff tables. If a majority of players were able to identify and avoid the bad games, the casinos would be forced by competition to offer better games. The casinos would still make a profit because only a tiny percentage of players will put forth the small effort to learn a winning strategy.

Avoid "guidelines" and systems. Actually, avoid anything that sounds too good to be true; it almost certainly is. There is no way to overcome the casino's built-in advantage on most games, but in some casinos there are video poker games that offer the knowledgeable player a small but real advantage. For more on this, see What is Unique About Video Poker, then click on the other buttons to learn about the best products that will help you to become a winner at video poker.

Whether you want to become a professional player or just want to have a decent chance of winning while having fun and earning comps, then look no further. These products will fulfill your needs.

Check out the new Optimum Video Poker software for Macintosh and Windows. This is the only true training software available. Also, it offers a wide variety of strategy and bankroll consideration calculations that are not available in any other such program. For more information, click on the Software button. For special direct purchase discounts, click on the Prices and Ordering button.

Chance favors the prepared mind.
~ Louis Pasteur

There is no such thing as luck. There is only adequate or inadequate preparation to cope with a statistical universe.
~ Robert Heinlein

Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to talk of you as they please.
~ Pythagoras (582 - 507 BC)

No "truth" is undeniable!
~ Dan Paymar

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